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“The Story of Mayo”

We are about to undertake an ambitious three part documentary to be called “The Story of Mayo”. Having successfully completed “Oldport to Newport an historical Journey,” a sixty minute documentary about the modern town of Newport and its origins, we are now about to film this new documentary, “The Story of Mayo”.

Our first documentary was a success reaching an audience far beyond the county; we want our next documentary to have an even greater impact. We need your help to complete the first part of the trilogy and we promise to reward you accordingly.

pff-fundit-imageThe first part of the story will take the viewer on a magical journey from Prehistoric times to the arrival of the Normans in the early 12th century. We promise an eventful journey with stunning views of the county. You will learn of the ancient mythological stories of the Tuath De Danann, of the Children of Lir, you will stand where bygone heroes warred and fought, lived and loved.

You can expect the unexpected as we film in remote places, at the hilltop tombs of Neolithic peoples, and visit their stone walled fields at Céide. Bronze Age goldsmiths will be conjured up and their graceful torcs and lunulae illustrated. The mass bells of the early Christian hermits and saints will enthral as will their isolated monastic settlements. We intend the documentary to be entertaining and invigorating.

The Celtic peoples, the great Mayo families such as O’Malley O’Higgins, Kelly, and McDonnell dwelling in their Cahers and Ringforts with their herds of cattle and their brehon laws will feature in this first part of our story.

The Vikings too visited Mayo and they have left evidence that we will explore. In fact the next decade or so will witness an enormous explosion of Viking studies concerning county Mayo. We will bring you the beginning of this remarkable story. This part of the Story of Mayo will end with the arrival of the Normans, the De Burghs in particular in the early 1200’s.

Our film is not aimed at specialist historians alone, but at anyone interested in Mayo or indeed Irish history, for what happened here in Mayo happened elsewhere as well. Here in Mayo we are blessed with some of the finest scenery and landscapes in Ireland and these too will play a part in our film.

So for any one from Mayo or their descendants spread throughout the world, this is a chance to be part of the film. We will then invite you to sit back and enjoy. For everybody else, lovers of Ireland or Mayo it is an opportunity to partake in a great film adventure in the wild and wonderful county that is Mayo.

Purple Foxglove Films will succeed with your help. Your money will cover the costs of, filming, post production, graphics, music score and licencing. By supporting this project you will be helping to bring the story of Mayo to a wide audience.

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