"My House
A House of Prayer"

St. Patrick's Church, Newport
100 Years of History

This documentary tells the story of the various religious presences and especially the story of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church on Barrack Hill.

Built at a time of great upheaval by John Sisk and funded largely by local businessman Martin Carey, it is hailed as a superb example of the Hiberno Romanesque style and houses many treasures especially the famous Harry Clarke stained glass window, the Resurrection Window.

In 2018 St. Patricks celebrated its centenary.

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Public Showing - 8pm Friday 22nd February Hotel Newport - Free Entry

My House, A House of Prayer “Domus Mea Domus Orationis”
100 years of St. Patrick’s church Newport County Mayo

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Anybody who passes through Newport county Mayo is struck by the fine architectural features of the town. The seven arch railway viaduct, the red sand stone road bridge and in particular the majestic church building on the hill overlooking the town.

This documentary will tell the story of that imposing church, St. Patrick’s. It will explore the origins of Christianity in this north east corner of Clew Bay. From Egyptian Copts to the Celtic Anchorites we trace the presence of churches and cells in the area. We trace the Quaker origins of Newport and on to the first Catholic Church on Main Street. We also follow the emergence of Methodism, Presbyterianism and Anglicanism in the town.

However the focus of the documentary is on St. Patrick’s. Built by John Sisk during the First World War it is a monument to centuries of Irish church building, artistic yet practical it reflects a distinctiveness all its own.

This documentary was researched, written and filmed by Purple Foxglove Films, a partnership of film maker Tommy Hughes and historian Joe McDermott both from Newport. It has a running time of 37 minutes.