"My House
A House of Prayer"

St. Patrick's Church, Newport
100 Years of History

This documentary tells the story of the various religious presences and especially the story of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church on Barrack Hill.

Built at a time of great upheaval by John Sisk and funded largely by local businessman Martin Carey, it is hailed as a superb example of the Hiberno Romanesque style and houses many treasures especially the famous Harry Clarke stained glass window, the Resurrection Window.

In 2018 St. Patricks celebrated its centenary.

"Old Port to Newport"

This documentary recounts the story of Newport, County Mayo in a new and exciting way. From its origins as the old port of Burrishoole a few miles west of the present town, the film follows the lives and times of a host of characters who played significant roles in the development of the new port.

"Entertaining and educational, a remarkable piece of film making" - The Mayo News

Purple Foxglove Films is pleased to present this documentary film that offers many insights into the history and heritage of this part of County Mayo.

"Belcarra Remembers 1916"

Belcarra Remembers is a documentary drama that commemorates the seven signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, Poblacht na hÉireann, and through them, all those who gave their lives, that irish people might one day be citizens of a sovereign Irish Republic.

A Purple Foxglove Films Production in Association with Belcarra Community Council.

Running time: 75 minutes.

Belcarra Remembers 1916